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So, you want to buy a home?

Whether this is your first time buying a house, or your tenth, it is good to ask yourself these questions to make your home-buying process as easy (and fun!) as possible:

Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage?


Being pre-approved means that a lender has verified your credit and other documentation, letting you know what your budget is ahead of time. This will give you an advantage, not only narrowing your home search based on prices, but also when you are looking to buy a home against another buyer who has not been pre-approved.

What you need to be pre-approved: credit score, proof of income (such as bank statements), proof of employment (such as pay stubs), rental history, copies of your driver’s license and social security number, and any other documentation a lender may request.

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Do you know what you are looking for in a house?


Having a list of what you can and cannot live without in a home will narrow your search considerably, and will help with decision-making when you have more than one house that you like.

Telling us about what you want will allow us to more effectively help you find your perfect home.

If you are buying a house with someone else, discussing the wants and needs of every occupant beforehand will help you avoid disagreements and hard decisions down the road.

Have you researched your desired location?

Looking around either online or in-person at the location where you are thinking of buying will give you an idea of selling prices, as well as information about the community, school systems, and lifestyle of the area.

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