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Selling is a time-consuming task that is constantly changing due to new advertising techniques and a fluctuating market. Here are a few questions to review to start you on your selling journey:

Have you repaired any damage to your home?

You wouldn’t want to buy a house that has visible, and possibly costly, damage; neither do potential buyers. Be honest about your home’s condition and consider paying a little extra on repairs to make your home safe and appealing before putting it on the market.

Have you made your home presentable?

Simply decluttering, cleaning, and removing any garbage can have a huge impact on a potential buyer.

Removing personal items such as pictures of the family, trophies, and heirlooms will allow the buyer to visualize himself living there more easily.

Have you researched selling prices in your area?

Doing some initial research about homes that have sold in your area will give you a starting point for pricing. However, keep in mind that this type of research is a Realtor’s job, so, contact us and let us give you an accurate estimate of costs associated with selling in your area. We will also be happy to guide you through all the mounds of paperwork!


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